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Hi! My name is Ken Pledger, and I am a nutritional buff with an academic background in biology/geology.  I have long been interested in fitness, nutrition and health in general.  When I was a teenager, I suffered greatly with pollen allergies from mid-May to mid-June each year.  In my early twenties, I discovered that by staying away from desserts/sugar this would keep my sneezing at bay.  But if  I were to consume that hot fudge brownie sundae served at my favorite restaurant,  then game on for my allergy.  I quickly learned to stay away from those desserts until my allergy season had passed.

In July of 2013, I was introduced to Robb Wolf’s book the “The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet” which has inspired me to follow the Paleo template and continue my nutritional education. Thus began my origins into the Paleo lifestyle. Through Robb’s work and others, I now understand better how the immune system works and why certain foods we consume will trigger an immune response.  Perhaps this explains why eliminating sugar from my diet worked so well in alleviating my allergy symptoms.

Long Pine Reservoir
Long Pine Run Reservoir

I live with my wife and three children in a small community minutes from Caledonia State Park in Pennsylvania.  We enjoy hiking in the park, swimming at nearby lakes, skiing/snowboarding at local resorts, and just being outdoors (more).  Recently, we had attended the South Mountain Speaker Series to learn more about the parks and the impact of climate change.

I write this blog to reinforce what I have learned, to summarize for the potential health benefits of others, and to provide a modest financial gain in the future for the support of my family.  Please share with me, your experiences and questions as you read through the material.  Also, follow me on Twitter @KenPledger to see my daily tweets on the topics I love to explore.

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