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Readings from my bookshelf:

The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet by Robb Wolf

The Paleo Manifesto: Ancient Wisdom for Lifelong Health by John Durant

The Wahls Protocol: How I Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine by Terry Wahls, M.D.

Perfect Health Diet: Regain Health and Lose Weight by Eating the Way You Were Meant to Eat by Paul Jaminet, PH.D and Shou-Ching Jaminet, PH.D

The Paleo Approach  by Sarah Ballantyne, PH.D

The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energy by Mark Sisson

Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar-Your Brain’s Silent Killers by David Perlmutter, M.D.

Eat The Yolks: Discover Paleo, Fight Food Lies, and Reclaim Your Health by Liz  Wolfe, NTP

The Disease Delusion: Conquering the Causes of Chronic Illness for a Healthier, Longer, and Happier Life by Jeffrey S. Bland, M.D.

Missing Microbes: How the Overuse of Antibiotics is Fueling our Modern Plagues by Martin J. Blaser, M.D.

Sleep Smarter: 21 Proven Tips to Sleep Your Way to A Better Body, Better Health and Bigger Success by Shawn Stevenson

The Autoimmune Solution: Prevent and Reverse the Full Spectrum of Inflammatory Symptoms and Diseases by Amy Myers, M.D.

The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook by Diana Rodgers, NTP with Andrew Rodgers

Why Can’t I Get Better?: Solving the Mystery of Lyme & Chronic Disease by Richard I. Horowitz, M.D.

The Market Gardener: A Successful Grower’s Handbook for Small-Scale Organic Farming by Jean-Martin Fortier

The Paleovedic Diet: A Complete Program to Burn Fat, Increase Energy, and Reverse Disease by Akil Palanisamy, M.D.


Podcast Listening:

Paleo Solution with Robb Wolf

Sustainable Dish with Diana Rodgers

The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson

The Paleo View with Stacy Toth and Sarah Ballantyne

Found My Fitness with Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Insatiable with Ali Shapiro and Juliet Burgh



Video presentations:

Origins.Well.Org by Pedram Shojai, LAC

The Perfect Human Diet by C.J. Hunt

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead by Joe Cross

Interview with Clinton Ober on Earthing

INHABIT: A Permaculture Perspective

Under Our Skin: The Untold Story of Lyme Disease


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